Misty Cami


If there is ever one kind of pattern I always need more of, it’s stash-busters! Any pattern that uses a meter or less of fabric is a win in my books. I try to collect them and keep a mental list because I’m so bad for buying only a meter of fabric to try it out. I’m not tiny, I’m a size large-xl-12-16-fabulous because the number doesn’t matter. My hips are 47″ around, so it’s harder to find stash-buster than it is for smaller sizes.

This brand new pattern from a brand new designer is exactly that, though! I fit my size 12 C/D onto a single yard of 50″ wide fabric easily. If you want to skip all of my details below, it’s the Sew Altered Style Misty Top & Dress (aff. link) and it’s on sale until Sunday, August 4th for 20% off with code “MISTY20”


This fabric — oh! This fabric. I’m so in love with it. It was a Christmas present, which I’m grateful for, because I’d never have spent that much on a single yard. There was only 1 meter left on the bolt when I found it, which is partly why I had so little. It is an absolutely stunning lightweight silk challis, with an amazing drape, and the silkiest feel. I could spend all day touching it. It came from a local store, which has since closed, and I am absolutely heartbroken about that.

The Misty Top and Dress (aff. link) is the first pattern from Sew Altered Style, which is run by Mac and Katie — two people I sort of “got to know” when I was sewing much more actively. I was so excited for them when I saw that they were releasing a pattern, that I dragged myself out of my sewing/blogging/testing hiatus just to help them out! I usually avoid testing for new designers, as my time and fabric is limited, but this was a stellar pattern right out of the gate. The test went very smoothly, as the pattern required very few revisions, and it was very easy to fit to my body. If you, like me, tend to avoid new designers until they “get their feet under them” so to speak, believe me — you can disregard that here. Katie and Mac clearly know what they’re doing. This pattern is polished from head to toe.

The Misty Cami includes sizes 0-30 (bust 32″-58.5″), has A/B or C/D bodice, has two dress lengths, a top length, and two strap options. It’s absolutely packed with options, for such a simple wardrobe basic. I made View A — the thin criss-cross straps in top length.

I made a size 12 C/D as per my upper and full bust measurements, even though my waist and hips are a higher size. The designer’s recommendation for this pattern was to muslin based on bust, which I did, and my muslin fit perfectly. I added length for my height, as I always do. I’m 5’10”, so I added 3″ for length. I also cut the front on the fold, rather than seaming this lovely floral, and I did a narrow hem instead.

Outfit details: I’m wearing a RTW skirt. Eek. I know. I went 3 years without buying a single RTW garment, but I’ve been on a bit of a sewing hiatus for the last year, and I needed new clothes. This silk cami is hard to dress down, but I love how easily it looks polished with this pencil skirt and heels.

CW: One of the pictures below has a rude gesture. I mean no offense, I just love photos that capture my attitude so perfectly.

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. If you use one of my links, and then make a purchase, I get a small portion of the sale as a kickback. You are under no obligation to use my affiliate links. If you do, all money I earn goes right back to patterns and fabric, and helps support my bloggy habit.

2 thoughts on “Misty Cami

  1. It’s a beaut! I also have trouble squeezing anything onto just one yard, so when you find something that fits, you HOLD ON TIGHT! Lovely cami. : )


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