Sewing For Men – A Shop Apron

So I made something a little out of the ordinary. My husband requested a project — yes! He actually requested that I sew something for him! He works in a shop, and requested a shop apron for him to wear when he goes in on the weekends and doesn’t want to bother with heavy coveralls.

I picked up a few metres of this heavy non-stretch denim for $6/m, so maybe I bought 6m of it… I’ll make a few more for him, and maybe a project or two for myself out of it.

For the neck and waist ties, I used 1″ cotton twill, and I put a pockets on the center front. I used a heavy weight thread to topstitch everything in cream, and I just absolutely love how professional it all looks.

For the shape of the apron, I took some measurements from my husband, and then drew the shape with tailor’s chalk right onto the denim. Then I serged the raw edges, folded them down 1/2″ to hem, attached the pocket, and then stitched on the ties.

My husband didn’t want any fiddly bits behind his neck, so the neck strap isn’t adjustable. Thanks to the thick layers of denim, the folded twill tape, and my cheap machine, I ended up hand-stitching the ties on with a huge needle and more heavy weight thread.

He’s happy as a clam with his shop apron, and I’m happy that he’s really appreciating a project that I made. PS – he’s wearing his Thread Theory Fairfield shirt. 🙂


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