Me Made May 2017 – Second Week

We are now halfway through May! Are you keeping up with your pledge? Are you learning lots about your handmade wardrobe?


On Monday, I wore my Zen Pants – yet again. I’m telling you, they’re the perfect work pants for me. I paired them with one of my favourite tees. I started with the Patterns for Pirates Womens Henley, and then used the Seamwork Block Paper Scissors for the Rio Tee to add a keyhole crossover back.


On Tuesday, I pulled out my Hey June Santa Fe, and paired it with my trusty Liana Jeans


Wednesday was my day off, and the weather was gorgeous! I spent most of the day soaking up the sun in one of my Itch to Stitch Lago Tanks, and my favourite shorts from last summer – cotton twill Grainline Maritimes


Another day off called for a dress that doubles as secret pyjamas. There is nothing more comfy-cute than my cotton lycra Moneta Dress.


On Saturday, I had to take public transit to work (downsides of owning a motorcycle in Saskatchewan), so I wore simple clothes I knew I could walk in – my Liana Jeans (what else??), and my Wardrobe By Me Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse.


Sundays are the best days to wear dresses to work, but it was a bit gloomy. So my winter Moneta dress crawled out from the back of my closet. I made it with french terry from LA Finch, and it’s so cozy


2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017 – Second Week

  1. LOL, looks like someone else crawled out of your closet and got stuck to the back of your gray Moneta! I love the colors of your wardrobe – that green Santa Fe and the pink Moneta particularly!


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