Itch to Stitch Lago Tanks

By now, it’s been well-documented that I’m an Itch to Stitch (aff link) fangirl. I’ve made quite a few Itch to Stitch patterns (Lisbon Cardigan, Vienna Tank, Paro & Mila, Tierras Joggers, Lindy Petal Skirt, the list could go on…), including testing a handful, and I love every single one. The drafting is always superb, the instructions are professional, and the styles are easy to wear. I will note that Itch to Stitch patterns are drafted for petites, and I’m tall, but the only adjustment I ever need to make is to add enough length, and to select the correct cup size when available.

If you haven’t yet tried a pattern from Itch to Stitch (aff link), this is the perfect chance. There’s a new free pattern on the site. Yep, free. All you have to do is download it and sew it up. The Lindy Petal Skirt (aff link) has been free for quite some time, but not everyone wants to make a knit pencil skirt, right? Well surely everyone wants to make a simple knit tank top. The Lago Tank (aff link) is my new staple, I’m fairly certain I could live in Lago Tanks all summer long. It’s a simple top with a slight racerback, a scoop neck, a relaxed fit, and knit bands. There are dozens of patterns out there like this, but not all of them are so well-drafted and free. 😉

Lago Tank-1

I decided to make two Lago Tanks. Not just because I’m smitten with the pattern, but as a comparison. A little while back, I bought some fabric from Simply By Ti. I loved this shade of cobalt, but I couldn’t decide between the rayon spandex or the cotton lycra. So I got 1 yard of each, just to try them out. They’ve sat in my stash since, waiting for a pattern that would work for both fabrics and only required 1 yard. And then the Lago Tank came along!

Lago Tank2-1

Sewing with knits can be a little tricky, because knit fabrics have a lot of qualities that can vary a lot… stretch, recovery, drape, etc… Both of these fabrics have very similar stretch and recovery. Both fabrics have a spandex content, so they stretch easily, and snap back to their original shape. However, the drape is vastly different. Cotton is a much stiffer fiber than rayon is, so the rayon spandex fabric drapes across my curves, while the cotton lycra hangs more stiffly. You can also see this in the shape of the neckline and armholes. I made both tanks with the exact same pattern pieces. But one tank has a higher neckline, and the other tank almost threatens to expose my bra at the armholes.

Lago Tank1-1

This is all a great example of how fabric choice makes such a difference when sewing! Both of these are recommended fabrics. Both of these are great tanks that I will wear all summer. But they are different, and perhaps you would prefer one over the other.

So go ahead and download that Lago Tank! (Why haven’t you yet??) And then select your fabric carefully. Or, you know, be like one of the testers and sew a Lago Tank in literally every fabric in your stash (she actually made 7 before the pattern was released!!!). Lol!

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. If you use one of my links, and then make a purchase, I get a small portion of the sale as a kickback. You are under no obligation to use my affiliate links. If you do, all money I earn goes right back to patterns and fabric, and helps support my bloggy habit.


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