Me Made May – One Week In!

Hey all! We’re already a week into May, can you believe it? All month long, sewists around the world are following through on their personal pledges — some pledge to wear 1 me-made garment a day, some pledge to only wear me-mades all month, and everyone posts photos on Instagram with the hashtag #mmmay17

My pledge is simply to take photos and document how I wear my me-made clothes all month long, as I find that plenty hard enough. And 95% of my closet is handmade, so it’s pretty well all I wear.

I’ll try to do a little round up post once a week to discuss what patterns and fabric I wore each day.

On the first day of May, my true love gave to–err, sorry, I hope I’m not the only one singing that song this month. Anyways, on the first, I wore a soon-to-be-released Hey June Willamette. I had just finished sewing it up, and needed to take photos of it for testing. Sorry to admit it, but I’m not the kind of person who wears multiple outfits in one day, so you’re seeing a sneak peek. I used rayon challis for this top, and I paired it with my Itch to Stitch Liana Jeans made with Cone Mills stretch denim, from Threadbare Fabrics.

When I finished sewing this Willamette shirt, I showed my husband who said, “Don’t you already have that shirt?” I started laughing and realized what my last sew was:

Umm, yeah. This one is a Hey June Cheyenne in rayon challis. Of course I can see all the differences, but I can also see how similar they are. Looks like floral rayon is my jam this season. On the 2nd, I paired my Cheyenne with my Zen Pants for a long shift at work. You’ll see that my work heavily influences my outfit choices — I work on my feet, and comfort always comes first. I made the Cheyenne with a floral rayon challis and pearly snaps, and the Zen Pants out of a heavy jegging knit, both from my local Fabricland.

Ooh, we had a bit of a heat wave in early May, and broke a few weather records. I typically prefer to wear pants to work, so that I can wear my comfy runners without looking dorky, but I had a short shift on the 3rd, so I wore shorts. These Grainline Maritime shorts in cotton twill were my favourites all last summer, and unless I make a new pair, I think they’ll be a favourite again. I paired them with a View Ridge from Straight Stitch Designs made with some kind of polyester woven that I found at a garage sale. I love the back on this top, although it is tough to pair a bra with.

Seamwork Aurora tank in a blush cotton lycra, pair with StyleArc Barb pants made in a mystery stretch suiting. My current job does not have a uniform or much of a dress code. I seek comfort first, but also try to look professional and put-together. These pants were a must-have when I transitioned from my office job to the one I have currently, as there were days that i worked both jobs and needed one outfit to go to both. If you haven’t made the Barb Pants yet, I do recommend them. They’re very simple to put together, no pockets, no closures, which makes them a good pattern to start pants with, great for a quick sew or last minute outfit, and easy to wear. Sacrificing pockets is tough, but quick sews are worth it to me on occasion.

A Slim Fit Raglan from Patterns for Pirates with a modified neckline, paired with a different pair of StyleArc Barb Pants, this time in a stretch cotton woven. These were the first pair of Barb Pants I made, a couple years ago. I don’t wear them as often as I’d like, because I find the colour hard to pair. Too much of wardrobe is bright colours, :p

My first Cheyenne, made in Chambray, paired with my Zen Pants. I love wearing these pants to work because that pocket is perfect for stashing some dog treats, they’re stretchy and comfortable, they stay up, and they still look put-together.

Sunday was my day off, and I ended up lounging around in my house all day in my pyjamas, working on some sewing projects. My pyjamas were, in fact, made by me, but y’all really don’t need to see them, so… sorry. No photo for Sunday. :p

Here are my first six photos all lined up together for your viewing enjoyement! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Me Made May – One Week In!

  1. Hi! Great blog. I have a couple of questions I hope you will answer? Where did you learn to sew-in particular, fit your patterns to your body? I have trouble buying pants that fit and wanted to try to make some for myself. I get into fitting issues here and am working on that. You said you were tall (one of my problems with pants is finding pants long enough. I end up wearing jeans all the time.) what patterns do you find work well for someone tall? I was looking into the Jalie Eleonore jeans to try once again to find a pair that will work. What pair of pants were you able to make with the least amount of adjustments? Is there any one designer whose patterns work best for you?


    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂

      My sewing has mostly been self-taught, but for fitting I will say that I’ve learned the most from a Facebook group – Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along It’s not just for capsules, there’s a lot of talk about fitting too.

      I almost always add length to patterns. Good patterns will have one or two lengthen/shorten lines, So I cut and spread there. For pants/jeans, I often end up adding 4-6″ to the leg, and sometimes some to the rise too. I did have good luck with the Jalie bootcut jeans, although I did still add length to the legs. As for designers, Straight Stitch Designs drafts for 5’9″, so i can make those tops with minimal alterations.


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