Date Night February – Zinnia & The Hunter Tank

Hello there! Robynne here, joining in on Ti’s Date Night February blog tour! February is the month of Valentine’s day, and whether you celebrate that night or not, surely you need a date night outfit, right? That can be anything, from comfy casual clothes, to fancy dress clothes and everything in between. We’ve got a great line-up of awesome bloggers all month long to show you all of those in between options. And if you read to the end, I might even have a coupon code for you! πŸ˜‰


Despite the fact that my husband and I don’t have plans for a fancy date night, I wanted a fancy date night outfit. This year, we plan to curl up on the couch with a movie and a gluten-free cheesecake, which sounds like a perfect date night to me! I could have made some comfy or sexy clothes to hang out with him, but I haven’t made myself anything really fancy since I started sewing, and I wanted to curb that craving. I had some large pieces of satin and chiffon leftover from the beautiful bridesmaid dress I made last year, and I guess I had forgotten what a headache it can be to work with polyester satin and chiffon, or perhaps I had a moment of insanity.


I made my super cute, super swanky outfit with the Colette Zinnia Skirt pattern (I used some of my Seamwork credits to download it), and The Hunter Tank from Jennifer Lauren. I prefer seperates to a dress, especially in such neutral colours. I can pair the top or the skirt with any other top/skirt and have twice as many fancy outfit options! No, I’m not going to sew up a fancy capsule wardrobe, but I am still applying my beloved capsule theory to fancy clothes. (Plus – that bit of skin is just the hint of sexy that I was going for.)


Zinnia is a skirt pattern with three different views – the first is a gathered skirt, the second a pleated one, and the third is a pleated, lined skirt meant for sheer fabrics. You all know my well-documented love of pleats, so having selected a sheer fabric, my choice was fairly simple. I will warn you that there are 16 pleats altogether, so if you make this skirt, do be 100% certain your pleats are accurate. Even 1/8″ off can add up to 2″ of difference – ask me how I know.. The waistband for the top of this skirt is a simple rectangle, with an overlap for a button in the back. I chose to sew a pants hook an eye instead of a button for a sleeker look. Aaaand I was too lazy to put in an invisible zipper. Or to go buy a matching grey zipper. After the headache-and-a-half that the pleats gave me, I just wanted to be done with the skirt.


The Hunter Tank is such a unique little pattern. It’s cut on the bias, with center front and center back seams. There are darts on the front, and a cute little tie detail at the hem which ends at one’s natural waist. There are two different views, and I chose the one with slightly more shoulder coverage (because WINTER). The only tricky part to this pattern is the fact that it’s cut on the bias. If you aren’t a crazy person, and decide to make it out of anything other than polyester satin and a polyester chiffon overlay (I AM A CRAZY PERSON), then this pattern really shouldn’t be too hard. If you haven’t worked with bias cut patterns before, this is probably a great one to jump in with. (JUST NOT WITH SATIN AND CHIFFON.) Other than my insanity-driven fabric choice, the only minor issue I had with this pattern is that I forgot to let it hang before hemming, but of course I let it hang after for several days. The hem is only slightly mussed, in the center back, and at the tip of the ties, which I can live with, but if you’re a perfectionist, don’t forget that bias-cut garments should hang for at least a day before hemming.


I absolutely love my Hunter Tank. It’s cute, fun, flirty, and simple while also being unique. I will most definitely be making another one in a simpler fabric for summertime. This would be a fun pattern to play with a striped fabric for a chevron effect, or to add embellishments to. If you have a sway back, this is a very easy one to modify, as it already has a center back seam (I put it on inside out and pinned then restitched the back seam to make it curve to my body a little more. Maaaaybe I should make swayback adjustments on most tops, but maybe I’m just stubborn.)


Oh, and if you live in Saskatchewan, the flatest part of the Canadian prairies, and it’s winter, maybe don’t make a skirt and crop top, and then take photos outside. In -20C weather. With a windchill of -30. Don’t be a crazy person, kay? (Before you ask, yes, I was FREEZING cold and I am in fact a crazy person.)


So that’s all for today… OH! I promised a coupon, didn’t I? πŸ˜‰ Use code “DATENIGHT” (without the quotation marks) on Jennifer Lauren Handmade for 20% off all patterns from now until February 14th at 11:59 PM CST

If you haven’t yet made a date night outfit for yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to pick one up. You could go fancy like I did, or a little more comfortable. Or if you want to spoil that special man in your life, there is also a classic men’s cardigan pattern.

If you’re like me, you’re going to love all of the inspiration my fellow bloggers have for you. Be sure to check back all February long to see what patterns work for us!

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11 thoughts on “Date Night February – Zinnia & The Hunter Tank

  1. Beautiful outfit, and you look stunning in it! That red, as others mentioned, is really made for you, and the contrast with the neutral color of your top and skirt and against the white snow is gorgeous


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