Wardrobe by Me – Curvy Daisy

Sometimes I feel like I live in this awkward limbo land of in-between sizes. I’m sure plenty of you ladies know what I’m talking about. I can’t shop at super trendy stores like Garage or Ardene, because their biggest sizes are way too small for me, but everything at plus-size stores like Pennington’s or Reitman’s are way too big for me. Not that I’ve gone clothing shopping in months and months, thank goodness, but this was a challenge that made me want to pull my hair out when I did depend on retailers for clothes.

I often find the same problem with sewing patterns (although it’s much less of a problem when I’m making it myself!). A lot of pattern companies that draft for a wide range of sizes split their patterns into two different size ranges, and if there is a size or two of overlap, then I can usually select which size range I want to buy.


Such is the case with Wardrobe By Me. My measurements put me at a size 16, which is an option in both the regular pattern line and the curvy pattern line (albeit with slightly different measurements, so be sure to look closely!). Despite the fact that I had not ever sewn up a Wardrobe By Me pattern, I signed up to test the new Curvy option for the Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse. The Curvy Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse is only slightly different than the original Daisy Dropped Shoulder, as it has a dart, and is drafted for a curvier block.


I sewed up View A in a lovely rayon voile from my local Fabricland. I chose to use the curved neckline with a straight hem and facings for the arms and neck, along with a pocket. There are several options you can choose from to make your own Daisy, including using knit (size down) or woven, long sleeves, a V-neck, a curved hem…

I love how easy to wear this top is. It’s casual enough to wear with jeans, but I could tuck it into a skirt and feel a whole lot classier. It’s also a very simple sew, and that dart gives it excellent shaping. I want to make another one in a sheer sweater knit to wear over a camisole this winter.

This pattern is on sale for $7.00USD for the next week, along with the original Daisy. If my version inspired you to make your own, please feel free to use my affiliate link.



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