Watcha Wearin January – So Many Ways to Wear a Sweater Dress


Brrr, it is officially January. Every year, January is the month I dread the most — where I live, it is bitterly cold, gloomy, long, endlessly cold and snowy. And so far this month, that’s exactly what it’s been. Excuse me while I go snuggle up in a blanket to write the rest of this post.

I’ve joined up on SewingByTi’s Watcha Wearin January blog tour, where a bunch of bloggers are showing you what we’re wearing in January! Hopefully this tour helps get you back to your sewing room after all the holiday craziness, and maybe inspires you on how to spend some of that Christmas money. There are also two giveaways you can enter! There’s a Rafflecopter giveaway for a random prize winner, as well as a linky party! If you are wearing anything handmade at any point this month, be sure to take a picture and add it to the linky party! Check out all of these amazing sponsors!


As I said, January here is bitterly cold, so I have a tendency to wear bulky sweaters and jeans every day, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I can’t be stylish, right? So I bought some crazy soft french terry from LA Finch Fabrics, and made a classic Colette Moneta dress. A neutral sweater dress can be dressed up, dressed down, and layered in so many ways, you can just about wear it every single day. Right now, I’m wearing it with warm fleecey tights and a bulky infinity scarf, so that I’m warm and cozy, but still stylish. I played around and took pictures of as many outfits as I could think of. Mouse over or click on a photo for pattern details.

Everything you see above except the belt, necklaces and tights are all me-made! Which means that you can duplicate any of the looks that you like.

So – which of the Moneta looks is your favourite? What are you wearing in January? And can you believe how many prizes there are?

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8 thoughts on “Watcha Wearin January – So Many Ways to Wear a Sweater Dress

  1. What a great way to remember how many ways something so simple can be worn again and again. I admit I tend to shy away from dresses in our cold winter, but it isn’t any harder to wear a dress with leggings as it is a tunic.


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