1 Puddle Lane Miss Isabella


Normally we don’t have much for autumn here — we get a couple of weeks where the leaves turn, then fall, and before long the snow comes. Typically we’re facing winter weather by the end of October. But this year, we’ve hardly had any snow, and the temperatures have been far above normal. I suppose we’ve had what most places call fall!

Most years, I find myself craving plaid button-ups for about a week or two, and then I’m cozied up in oversized sweaters until March. This year, however, I’ve been daydreaming about the perfect fall wardrobe – scarves and boots and button-ups galore. Oh, and the colours! All I want to wear is dark red, forest green, navy blue…

And that leads us to my latest project. I found this lightweight woven rayon at my local Fabricland, forgotten and buried in the clearance center. It wrinkles like crazy (mostly when darling hubby insists on running errands before taking photos for me), but it’s soft and drapes like a dream.


I tested the new Miss Isabella top for 1 Puddle Lane. I’ve tested for 1 Puddle Lane once before. Their styles are classic and flattering with unique design details. The latest is no exception. Miss Isabella is an asymmetrical top and dress with three lengths – top, tunic and dress. There is a sleeveless option as well as two different sleeves.


I chose to make the top length in View C, with the long split sleeves. The top features a scoop neck with a facing, an asymmetrical hem with a split detail on the longer side, and a center back seam, which makes any sway back adjustments simpler.


The top has a loose fit throughout, so it’s best made it light fabrics with a lot of drape. As you can see, it was fairly windy the day I took pictures — Oh, who am I kidding? I live in Saskatchewan, it’s allllways windy. It was also pretty chilly, and I nearly froze my little tushie off taking these photos. I guess I’ll have to sort out an indoor option for taking photos until spring.


The pattern does have specific cutting instructions so that your asymmetrical top comes out facing the correct way. However, my silly brain got my right side and wrong side confused again, and now my top goes the wrong way. Whoops.


In these photos, I’m wearing my new top with a pair of StyleArc Barb Pants. I made these out of a stretch suiting I found at my local Fabricland. Without any closures, these pants are a very quick sew, and with an elastic waist, they’re very comfortable as well.

The night before we took these photos, my husband asked if I would be ready, and what I planned on wearing with the top. I told him I had planned on wearing some black pants that I hadn’t made yet. He laughed and told me I didn’t have time.

The next morning, I showed him my finished top (which wasn’t quite done the night before) and my pants, and told him I won. Then I admitted that I had stayed up until 2am making the pants, and I had to wake up at 8am in order to finish the top. He told me I hadn’t won, that he was right — I really didn’t have time. Hahaha. Ah well. I finished the outfit, and it felt good to pour so much of me into sewing again. I’ve kind of lost that spark that used to keep me in my sewing room for hours. Now it feels like it’s coming back again.


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