Crop Tops & Pencil Skirts

I’m not much of a pencil skirt kind of person. I typically gravitate towards full skirts – pleated, gathered, flared, but most often pleated. Fitted skirts that emphasise my tummy are just not usually for me. And I also have always kept away from crop tops. For pretty much the same reason – my body shape just doesn’t agree with them.

But when I got this gorgeous floral ponte in the mail from LA Finch Fabrics, it begged to be a pencil skirt. I tried to convince it to be a cardigan or a dress, but it insisted, and finally, I caved.

There are quite a few pencil skirt patterns out there, as it isn’t a complicated design, but I knew this fabric just had to be a Lindy Petal Skirt (aff link). This pattern still has all the class of a pencil skirt, with that fun added detail of the petal front. And you all know how much I like fun details! (Bonus: This PDF pattern is free!)

Once I had this trendy, classy fall skirt made up, I knew I needed the perfect classy top to pair with it. I’ve had the Astoria pattern from Seamwork printed out since summer, but kept passing over it since I wasn’t sure about a crop top. This cream ponte was in my stash, I bought it at my local Fabricland for the bands on a cardigan, and had plenty leftover.

I had a hard time keeping this top so simple – I wanted to add a colourful neckband, or a Peter Pan collar, or scoop out the neckline… But I reminded myself that a plain, simple cream top is easy to pair. A crop top, on the other hand, is not easy to pair. And so, if I keep my crop top super simple, it has the most pairing options available. I’ve already worn it with my pleated Sybil Skirt and it looks amazing with that too! I think this top will be a workhorse for all of my high-waisted skirts.

PS – I’m totally wearing shapewear under this outfit. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I think that if a little bit of shapewear gives you the confidence to wear something you otherwise wouldn’t, by all means – wear it! I love my body, and part of continuing to love my body is self-care. If today, self-care means squeezing into Spanx and getting all dolled up to take pictures, then that is what I’ll do. It’s not fake or vain to appreciate your body, and to give yourself the best chance at appreciating your body. Self-love, body-love, body-positivity, ladies. We can do it.

Double PS – The Astoria top I’m wearing is from Seamwork Magazine. If you sign up using my link, you’ll get your first month for half off, and I’ll get a free month for sharing with a friend. My link is here.


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