Anniversary Photos

Every year, near our anniversary, my husband and I take some photos together. I have a little wall in our house where one photo from each year is framed, and it’s so lovely to see the growth and change over the years. I have this fantasy of being old together and having 40 or 50 frames covering our walls.

Anyways! Last year, I handmade the dress I wore for the photos. I was so proud of myself, as I’d been seriously sewing for about 6 months then. This year, I had the brilliant idea to sew shirts for both of us. Absolutely brilliant. Haha. But I started this plan back in June, finding patterns, fabric, interfacing and buttons. I had plenty of time to order a second set of buttons, and make muslins of both patterns. I took my time with both of these shirts, as I didn’t want to be rushing through them and making mistakes, and I lost a little of my sew-jo over the summer. But at long last, I finished them. And then I made dog scarfs out of some scraps, because why not?? And then we took some of my most favourite photos ever.

For Marc’s shirt, I used the Thread Theory Fairfield pattern, which I absolutely love. I’ll have to get into the details later, but I would absolutely recommend this pattern to someone who wants to sew their first men’s shirt.

For my own shirt, I used the Hey June Cheyenne Tunic, which I’ve made before in chambray. I mixed up a couple of details, using the full-length sleeves and a pocket, but it certainly was easier to start with a pattern I knew fit well.

And then for our dogs, I started with The All Scarf from The Wolf and the Tree. You can download this pattern for free if you join their Facebook Group. I sized it down to half of the small size so it would perfectly fit my medium sized dogs’ necks.

By the way! I don’t think I’ve introduced my dogs yet. The black and white girl on the left is Piper. She’s about 14 now, and we’ve had her for 4 years. She’s pretty chill nowadays, but still 100% our baby. The smaller girl on the right is my little Gidget. We adopted her this summer, and she is the reason I haven’t been sewing much. She has a lot of energy and needs a lot of attention, and I had to spend a lot of time at first training her to her new home. You’ll be seeing more of her, I promise.

Both shirts and the scarves were made from poly/cotton gingham that I bought locally at Fabricland. One is a 1/4″ gingham, and the other is 1″, both in dark green. I used dark green buttons from Wawak for both shirts as well.


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