Puppy Print Tank

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me! I’m going to go and pick up my new puppy dog. We have a 14-year-old dog right now, and we have decided that she needs a friend and playmate, so we are adopting a 5-year-old dog, and bringing her home tomorrow.

I made this tank a month ago, but I feel like now is the perfect time to share it! To be honest, I haven’t shared it yet because I had a “bad face day”. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t digging the photos this day and I was a terrible model. Strange, because this was the first garment my husband photographed on his brand new super fancy camera.

Anyways, I’m sharing it now, so here are all the details! This was, originally an Itch to Stitch Vienna Tank (aff. link), but I modified it a ton. I eliminated the front facing and cut the front bodice on the fold, and then scooped out the neckline so I can get it on over my head. I added 1″ to the front gathers to accommodate using a woven fabric for the bodice. Then I bound the arm and neck holes with bias binding, skipping the ties. And after all that, I decided to add a scalloped hem detail, just for fun. I cut a separate 2″ hem facing for the scallops.

The fabric, which was the heart of this whole project, is a cotton poplin, printed with colourful little dogs. I only bought a single meter of 44″ wide fabric, which then shrunk a little in the wash. I struggled with finding a pattern that would fit on my small piece of fabric, but with a contrast yoke, the Vienna fit perfectly. The yoke is a fat quarter of coordinating quilting cotton.

Would you wear a top with dogs printed on it? What about cats?


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