The Tale of my Moneta

So, I put myself on a self-imposed pattern-buying-freeze at the beginning of this month. I made a list of all the patterns I own (and how much I’ve spent on them – yikes!) and I realised I was pretty set. I own at least one pattern in almost every category, and my wardrobe is pretty covered.

Until one morning when I was getting dressed, and I wanted to wear a super comfy knit dress. Like something you forget you’re even wearing. I guess the cool kids are calling it ‘secret pyjamas’. Either way – I needed one. So I carefully went through my newly-composed list of patterns and I didn’t have anything that fit the bill! What? There were a couple that were close, but I just wanted a no-fuss uber-flattering comfy dress.

And then I realised that Colette Patterns was still having their spring sale! Everything was 30% off, and the Moneta was the perfect pattern for the dress in my mind. So I broke my own rule about not buying patterns, and I bought it! This is the kind of pattern I can see myself making time and time again. All of my online sewing friends who have it, have all made multiple versions of it. It’s just that kind of pattern.

Since I’m in Canada and shipping is a beast, I bought the PDF version. You get a zip file of several different PDFs – a large format version, and print-at-home versions, split up by view and size range. I like that, because it reduces the amount of pages I need to print, but (and here I’m going to be real with you guys, because I don’t do it any other way) it’s still a ridiculous amount of pages to print. For View 1 (sleeveless, lined, with collar) sizes XS-XL you still need to print 44 pages. 44! Can you imagine? Wow. I’m not taping together 44 pages! So I sent off the wide format to a local plotter who frequently prints my patterns for me. But apparently the wide format is also a huge waste of paper. The print was so long, they couldn’t do it on their basic printer, and they had to use a fancier one that can read larger files. So of course I had to pay twice as much as I usually do. Geez, I honestly should have just bought the paper version.

So once I got my super-long-wide-format-print, I cut it all out, and it really didn’t take long to put my dress together.

I chose to make the sleeveless, lined version, and omitted the collar. I actually wanted a collar, I even printed out the Moneta Extras and debated which of those collars to use. But I had decided to try to make this dress out of my super cute hot pink cotton lycra, of which I only had 2 yards. I barely managed to eke out all the pieces for this dress. I had to choose between a collar or pockets, and I need pockets. So instead I went off-book and made a standard t-shirt neckband.

I did have a couple of other problems with it – I had some gaping at the bust, which is strange, because I shouldn’t need a FBA with Colette patterns, but I cleared that up with some little darts. Not that I’m a fan of darts on knits, so I’ll have to modify the pattern before my next Moneta.

I also completely hesitated to hem. The dress sat put-together and nearly finished on my ironing board for over a week before I hemmed it. That’s because I really wanted a 1″ hem stitched down with a twin needle. I decided that a professional hem like that would be exactly what this dress needed. But I had never used a twin needle! It was scary. Finally, the day before I wanted to wear this dress, when I had a spare 45 minutes (clearly the best time to tackle a new skill), I sat down with my machine. I pulled my brand new twin needle out, and popped it in my machine. And then I dug out my machine manual (everyone says to check your manual on how to thread), but my manual made no mention of twin needles at all! So I winged it. I put my dark pink thread and my dark pink bobbin up on top, threaded both ends through the machine and each through a different needle, then loaded the bobbin with light pink thread. And then grabbed a scrap of fabric, and just stitched. No fear, just plunging straight ahead.

It went great! I lowered the tension a little, tested again, and was ready to stitch my hem!

For a super professional hem, and to make the twin needle just a tad easier, I ironed 1″ knit stay tape to the wrong side, just a teensy bit above the bottom of the hem, and then folded up 1″, using the stay tape as a guide. And then I just stitched! Obviously, I had to do it from the right side, whereas I usually hem from the wrong side to make sure the hem actually gets caught. It was a little nerve-wracking, but I think it came out great! And just in time, too.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my birthday, which is what I planned to wear this dress for. I mean, a hot pink pink dress with pockets? Could it be any more me? I wore the dress all day to work, and for the rest of my fairly exciting day. It’s the kind of thing I was comfortable in at my very relaxed office job, but I also didn’t feel out of place when we went out for a nice dinner.

So all in all, I love the Moneta. It has some issues, but I can work with that, it is still exactly the kind of ‘secret pyjamas’ I needed in my life. I will make it again and again, with sleeves, or a collar, and maybe even remix the skirt a little bit. And yes, you do need the Moneta as well. What are you waiting for?

Much later edit – You can now download the Moneta dress using Seamwork credits. And if you sign up for Seamwork Magazine using my link, you’ll get your first month for half off, and I’ll get a free month for sharing with a friend. My link is here.


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