Make Laundry – Grainline Maritime Shorts

When I woke up Sunday morning, all I wanted to wear was shorts. It was too hot for pants, and I just wasn’t digging skirts that day. But as it turns out, I own two pairs of shorts – one is hot pink, and the other is coral. As much as I love both pairs, I thought maybe I needed a more neutral pair of shorts.

So I got sewing.

I found some 100% cotton navy twill in my stash. I previously used most of this fabric to make some Seamwork Moji’s, but there was plenty left over for a pair of shorts. I picked it up at Joann Fabrics in Montana almost exactly a year ago, and it’s a nice weight, with no stretch.

I’ve already made the Grainline Maritime shorts once, so I knew it wouldn’t take too long to make a second pair, and that I liked the fit.

I spent Sunday meandering in and out of my sewing room, working on my shorts, working in my garden, running a few errands. I wasn’t quite done them by Sunday night (maybe because my tired brain had to unpick the fly 3 times!), but I finished them after work on Monday night, including hemming and hand-sewing on a hook and eye.

I love the fit of the Maritimes. The leg is a lot looser than any other shorts I’ve ever owned, and at first that put me off a little, but I wore them all day (sorry about the wrinkles) and they are very comfy and easy to wear.

I’m thinking these will be a summer staple in my summer wardrobe – navy goes with most of my clothes, and Saskatchewan is staring down a hot, hot, hot summer. After such a mild winter, we knew this was coming.

Even though these took a little longer to make than most people would take to do laundry, not for me! All of my laundry goes out on the line, so it’s usually a 6 hour job to do a single load of laundry. Haha. Totally counts to link up for the Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry tour, right?

I’m wearing my Grainline Maritime shorts with my Hey June Cheyenne (aff. link) in chambray.

PS – Don’t mind the dog, she absolutely needed to be close to me, and it’s a long story. 😉


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