Me Made May Wrap Up

Me Made May is officially over! It’s so funny – I looked forward to this challenge for most of a year, and I spent the last 5 days just going “Is it over yet? Is it over? When’s June 1st??” I know I’ll probably look forward to next year’s, though.

I felt a little drained by the end of it because after a few repeat outfits, I pushed myself to find things I hadn’t worn, and that was getting difficult. I also started to dread taking photos of myself, and strangely enough, it was looking back at my month-worth of photos that tired me out. I saw a tired, un-makeup-ed face early in the mornings. I saw the same hand-on-hip pose in every single photo. I saw one of two hairdo’s in every single photo. I saw the same outfits on repeat, with no stylization – no jewellery, no accessories, nothing. I felt dreary looking at the way that I dress every day.

I want to say that this all inspired me to up my wardrobe game – to start wearing my scarves again, to finally unpack my box of hair accessories and jewellery. I want to say that I went out and bought a few pairs of cute shoes to go with my cute clothes.

But no. I wasn’t, I didn’t, and I’m not going to. Let’s be honest – I’m perfectly comfortable with who I am. I’m happy in my clothes, my outfits, and my wardrobe. I feel confident, secure and comfortable every day. The only times I don’t feel those ways about how I dress is when I feel this imaginary pressure to have an Instagram-perfect life; when I look back over my Instagram feed and compare it to others’.

I have to take a step back and remind myself that I don’t need to be perfect. I don’t need to be a fashionista with a couple dozen pairs of shoes. I don’t need to compete. I need to find my own personal happiness and chase that. I need to find my happy space and fill it with things I love.

Okay, I suppose that’s enough rambling for now, haha. Here are my last few outfits from Me Made May:

Despite how dreary I felt towards the end, I really did enjoy this whole challenge. It got me to pair more of my me-mades together, and showed me what items I need to make now (nothing too surprising). It also had the unexpected benefit of giving me photos of most of my me-mades, and photos of the different styles, shapes, colours, and silhouettes that I wear, which I have found most helpful. Even if I hated taking pictures, I’m so glad I captured every single outfit.

I also learned where the holes in my wardrobe were. I had expected to find that I need more neutral cardigans, more neutral tees, a pair of me-made jeans from high quality denim, and more dresses.

Almost all of those are very true, I desperately need more neutrals in my wardrobe, but I honestly realized I don’t need many more dresses! I used to wear dresses almost every day in a week, and I wore skirts most of the other days. There was a time in my life that I owned 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of dress slacks, and they both hardly got any wear. But right now, I’m in a different kind of phase. I actually found it awkward or strange to wear dresses to work. I only have a couple of me-made dresses, and I might make a few more when I have an occasion, but for now, I will focus on seperates.

Outfit information on patterns and fabrics below:

May 21st – I wore my freshly-finished Hey June Cheyenne in chambray with my Grainline Maritimes in eyelet. Despite the fact that the Capsule group on Facebook voted the colours didn’t work well together, I like the silhouette and stubbornly wore it anyways.

May 22nd – I’m smitten with these Grainline Maritimes, but I don’t get a chance to wear them during the week, so I got all the wear I could of out them during the weekend! I paired them with my hot-off-the-sewing-machine Mouse House Julia in sparkly sweater knit and a RTW shirt (that I really need to copy and make one just like it!)

May 23rd – I enjoyed my Victoria day in my hot pink Jalie 2908 shorts and a RTW tank.

May 24th – The clouds came back, and we had another rainy, dreary week. I started it off in my Mouse House Julia again, this time with my cotton lycra Seamwork Aurora and my favourite jeans.

May 25th – I had the idea to mash up the Patterns for Pirates Henley with the Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit tank, to get a loose-fitting tank, without being too drapey. I’m not totally happy with how it came out, I could have done the back neck and shoulders better, but it’s a comfy enough tank that I’ll probably wear it all summer. For fabric, I used an XL men’s tee that I picked up at Michael’s for $3.50 (I bought 3, because why not.)

May 26th – One of my favourites again, my Patterns for Pirates Henley in a floral interlock. Such a great comfy t-shirt.

May 26th part two – The last dance night for MMMay16 in the tee that I had customized for a flash mob last fall. Pattern is Simplicity 1463 and the fabric is 100% cotton interlock.

May 27th – Can you tell I’m loving this Julia cardigan? It really is everything I dreamed it would be. This time, I paired it with my Kirsten Kimono Tee in a lacy rayon/poly/spandex blend.

May 28th – This Miss Maggie Dress from 1 Puddle Lane will have a post to itself very soon! It’s a great comfy knit dress to spend my weekend in.

May 29th – I went hunting for something I hadn’t worn yet, and came across this Itch to Stitch Seville skirt. I love the print on it, but I find it hard to pair with tops, and I think it’s just a wee bit too fancy for my casual office job. So I paired it with a plain white tee and called it good! The top is a Patterns for Pirates Henley made from another men’s t-shirt.

May 30th – I wore my bright purple tee with my bright teal sweater, and bright mis-matched socks, because that is exactly how I roll. This outfit – this is how I actually dress. A lot of colour, a lot of comfort, and a silhouette that hides everything I want hidden. Top is a modified Patterns for Pirates Henley in polyester ITY, and cardigan is a OOP Simplicity 1961 in poly/rayon/lycra.

May 31st – Although I was tempted to reach for my jeans, I decided I needed to celebrate the last day of Me Made May and wear my very favourite dress that I surprisingly hadn’t worn yet. Well, maybe it’s not so surprising. I lovingly looked at it hanging in the closet most days, and considered wearing it quite a few times. But I’d tell myself that it wasn’t work-appropriate, it was too cold for a skirt, I felt too bloaty to wear a fitted dress, what-have-you, but honestly, none of those are the real reason I didn’t wear it. The truth is – the last time I wore this dress was for my father-in-law’s wake earlier this year. No, it’s not a typical ‘funeral dress’, but I knew at the time that my father-in-law, who I was very close to, would love that I wore it to say goodbye. He loved the colour navy, and he was always so very proud of me and everything I made. So, every time that I reached for this dress hanging in the closet, something stopped me. I did find it hard to put it on this morning, but I just can’t let this beauty just hang in the closet forever. I had to remind myself that it’s okay. Whatever emotional attachment I have to it will stay if I wear it again and again. Ah, so anyways, away from the emotional stuff – pattern is Simplicity 1354 in polyester crepe.


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