Me Made May Week 2

So I meant to post this on Friday, but forgot, and my weekend was crazy busy… Ah well. Better late than never. So we’re now halfway through May! This month is just flying by for me. I think I’ll be a little sad when it’s over.

After another week of wearing me-mades, and taking selfies, here are some more things I’ve learned and/or noticed:

I wear a lot of pink. Holy crap, do I ever. A few months before I started sewing, my office participated in one of those ‘wear pink days’ and I realized I didn’t own a single pink top. I owned a few that were maybe close, or had pink on them, but I didn’t own a single top that was just pink. I think this realization encouraged me to sew some pink tops, or something. Because this week I wore pink every day until Wednesday! This situation is also influenced by that fact that in the last year, I’ve organized 2 and a half capsule wardrobes (or Sewing With a Plans) for myself, where I map out several garments that coordinate and sew them all. All three of the capsules I’ve drawn up had pink as a theme colour. :/ Whoops.

Looking back at this week, I feel like I need more me-made bottoms. But the truth is, I wear jeans to work. I have sewn quite a few skirts, coloured pants, even a pair of black pants, but I don’t usually wear those to work. Maybe when I’m working a different job, my skirts and trousers will come back into rotation. Maybe I just need to sew some everyday jeans. Maybe I should just get comfortable wearing unusual things to work.

Details on patterns & fabrics:

May 7 – I wore a hot pink Seamwork Aurora tank that I upcycled from a knit skirt, paired with a Love Notions Sybil pleated skirt in heavy, spongey, dark grey ponte roma. I didn’t actually wear this outfit all day, because I spent the afternoon in my garden wearing sweats, but trust me – you don’t want to see that. ;p (Ps – You can get the Aurora tank pattern if you sign up for Seamwork Magazine, and if you sign up using my link, you’ll get your first month for half off, and I’ll get a free month for sharing with a friend. My link is here.)

May 8 – Wearing my other Seamwork Aurura tank the day before inspired me, so when I woke up Sunday morning, I got to sewing a second Seamwork Aurora tank, this time out of cotton/lycra. So again, I didn’t actually wear this outfit all day, but as soon as I was done sewing it, I wore it with my KBSD Carrie Culottes in a houndstooth polyester knit.

May 9 – Our hot weather streak finally ended and the rain set in on Monday. I’m not complaining! We desperately need the rain. I wore my Simplicity 1162 chiffon blouse with my Simplicity 1961 sweater in a rayon slub knit, both made for the PR Wardrobe Contest.

May 10 – Sometimes our simple makes are our favourite ones. I absolutely adore this Patterns for Pirates Women’s Henley (modified neckline), and it’s one of my most-worn me-made garments, but it’s really very basic. This was another item made for the PR Wardrobe Contest.

May 11 – The only problem I have with rainy days is that I have to drive my husband to work, so I have to leave several minutes earlier. On this particular day, I just grabbed the nearest sweater, which happened to be my teal Simplicity 1961 again. Ah well. Paired it with another top from my PR Wardrobe Contest, another modified Patterns for Pirates Women’s Henley.

May 12 – This navy top is another of my early makes from last summer. It’s one of those me-mades that basically just lives at the back of the drawer until laundry day. I don’t have anything against the pattern – I love the other top I made from it. But this one just isn’t super flattering to my body shape, and I should have added a little length. But it’s one of those live-and-learn garments that we all have somewhere. Simplicity 2554, which I paired with my grey Itch to Stitch Lisbon cardigan.

May 12 part 2 – Dance night again! I have a couple of tops that I made for dance, and I wear often, but never to anywhere else, like this one. I love the drape and flow of the rayon/spandex, but the stretch lace portion comes down farther than I expected in the back, making it not-a-work-shirt. Pattern is Simplicity 1463.

May 13 – I don’t have a lot of patterns that I’ve made more than once. Mostly because I always want to try something new! But I’ve made the Patterns for Pirates Women’s Henley three times! (All three for the PR Wardrobe Contest, though.) This is one is heavily modified, using the Seamwork Mag Block Paper Scissor, though.

May 14 – Saturday was a day full of errands and appointments, so I wore my current favourite make, my purple eyelet dress! I made this one for the PR Wardrobe Contest as well, and used a pattern from the book Sew Many Dresses, which I highly recommend. I paired it with my cropped Itch to Stitch Lisbon cardigan.


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