Itch to Stitch Lisbon Cardigan

Itch to Stitch (aff. link) just launched their latest pattern. If you haven’t tried any patterns from Itch to Stitch, you’re seriously missing out. Every single one just knocks it out of the park – the drafting is superb, the instructions are thorough, and the pdf’s are easy to put together. Well, as easy as it gets, really. I prefer to print patterns on wide paper so that I don’t have to piece them together, and Itch to Stitch offers that option as well.

So the latest pattern from Itch to Stitch is a classic button-up cardigan called Lisbon (aff. link). It comes in two lengths – cropped or regular – and two sleeve lengths – full length and 3/4. It has a classic round neck, sleeve cuffs, a bottom band, and a front band for buttons. You can customize by choosing any combination of sleeve/length, and colour-blocking however you choose.

I had the opportunity to test this pattern, and I am so glad I did! I have been looking for the perfect cardigan to add to my wardrobe. I’m all about layers and I have been needing that one basic sweater that flawlessly pairs with everything.

I made this pattern twice in one week because I just loved it that much. The first time, I decided I needed a basic sweater that I could wear every day of the week (just kidding – more like 3 times a week). I picked up some light grey ‘t-shirt knit’ from the bolt end bins at Fabricland. It’s a very lightweight, unstable knit. I don’t think it has any spandex in it, so it has a tendancy to ‘grow’ and bag out as I wear it. This means that it’s a little big and a tad bit baggy, but it is oh-so-soft so I’ll forgive it. It’s also the perfect weight to throw on over shorts and tanks during summer evenings when the sun sets and it starts to get chilly.

My machine tends to hate buttonholes, so instead of attempting, failing, crying, and ripping apart my project, I bought snaps instead. In between the two front bands, I hand stitched on some 1/2″ snaps. To make give it that classic look anyway, I stitched on some buttons over top of the snaps. The only other change I made to this one was to add 2″ of length to the bodice (standard adjustment).

Immediately after I finished this first one, I started cutting a second. I wanted a cute little cropped cardigan to wear over skirts and dresses this summer.

I picked this lilac ponte trimmed with cream ponte to give it a slight 1950’s feel. It makes me feel a bit like Sandy from Grease, but only in a good way.

The ponte is much thicker and much more stable than the t-shirt knit, so this one fits much closer in my shoulders and arms.

This time around, I didn’t make any changes to the pattern at first, although the 3/4 sleeve pattern piece was shorted 1″ after testing. After I finished making it, I tried it on, and I decided I wanted the bottom to sit much closer to my waist than intended. I took it off, and cut it down to 80% of hem, and reattached it. This also gives it a bit of a blousey look in the back.

I really had my heart set on these cut little flower buttons, so before I attached the front bands, I did all of the buttonholes. That way, if my machine decided to have a fit, I could just cut a new front band and carry on. (PS – sorry, I forgot to wash away the blue marks near the buttons!)

Besides the cardigan itself, this pattern is phenomenal because it also contains instructions on how to do Hong Kong seams on knits. I had never realised you could make enclosed seams on a knit, and as someone without a serger, the idea fascinated me. I used light pink stretch mesh, and bound every single seam in my purple sweater. The inside looks so nice and clean, I just love it. It almost makes me want to wear it inside-out! I know this will also extend the life of this cardigan, so I can wear it for many seasons to come!

Lisbon (aff. link) is on sale for 20% until May 9th, and there’s another sale for 15% on any two other patterns. So if you haven’t yet already, hop on over to Itch to Stitch (aff. link) and pick up Lisbon (aff. link) while it’s still on sale.


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