5 Out Of 4 Journey Tank

5 out of 4 Patterns has released their newest pattern, and in my opinion, it’s a winner.

The Journey Tank and Dress has options for a bra, a tank, or a dress in two lengths. It also has options for maternity and nursing. This pattern can be made up in a swim fabric (size down!) for a supportive bikini or tankini, and it can also be made up in an athletic fabric for a great sports bra or workout tank.

The straps have multiple options, although you could attach them any way you fancy, the pattern has instructions for halter, straight back, cross back, and twist!

I was lucky enough to be able to test this pattern prior to release, and I made it in a nylon/lycra knit with the tank and cross back option.

(TMI time:) I really wasn’t expecting to feel at all comfortable wearing a top without a bra, but I actually am! This nylon/lycra has a lot of snap, so it’s supportive to begin with, and the elastic under the bust keeps everything where it should be. The pattern calls for power mesh for extra support, but it’s so hard to source fabrics in Canada with a deadline.

I will tell you all my little secret though: I needed something in the bra top, because I was having major issues with “headlights”. Foam cups at the local store are a little pricey, and I didn’t have time to order online. So I went to Wal-Mart, and bought a cheap $5 bikini with removable foam cups. I pulled those sucks out of the bikini and popped them into my top (the pattern has instructions for removable foam cups, I followed those). They’re those small, awful, tiny triangle ones, but they offer just enough coverage and support, that I’m comfortable in this top.

5 out of 4 named it the Journey tank because we all agreed it’s perfect for travel. I can just imagine – the next time I’m prepping for a long road trip, or climbing on a plane, I’m wearing this top. No digging bra straps, no pokey underwires, just soft support so I can curl up and sleep in the backseat, or contort myself into those awful airline seats. This tank will definitely be packed on my next Journey.


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