Straight Stitch Designs Wedgwood

I had the opportunity to test a pattern for Straight Stitch Designs back in February. As you can see, it was a little chilly to be making such a summery skirt, but I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear this skirt all the time.

This was my first pattern test, so the experience was new to me. I’ve always loved proofreading for other people – I’m seriously a nerd like that – so I found it actually enjoyable to carefully read through the pattern, trying to catch any errors.

I’ll admit, it was a little bit scary making up a garment before seeing the pattern on a dozen different bodies, but I just knew this shape would be flattering on me.

Wedgwood is a full pleated skirt with a waistband meant to sit at your natural waist. It has pockets with cute little pocket flaps, and a center back exposed zipper, with buttons to close the waistband.

It’s really the details that make this pattern, but that zipper and those pocket flaps are such stand-out details that I fell in love.

I do have a bit of a confession to make… I messed it up a little. I used a fabric that had a lot of crosswise stretch (100% cotton chambray, but the stretch was built into the weave), and I forgot to accomodate for that when attaching the waistband. So the waistband ended up about 2″ bigger than my natural waist! I honestly didn’t expect the fabric to stretch that much, but I guess I should have checked before topstitching and finishing and everything. So when the skirt was all done, I tried it on, and it sunk to my high hip, which is a really unflattering height on me. Even my husband agreed it didn’t look great. I thought about taking the waistband off, removing the pockets, taking in the side seams, and then attaching everything again, but the very though of it depressed me.

After a couple nights of brainstorming, I decided to open up a couple inches of the waistband on either side, slide a length of elastic in there, tack it down, and close up the waistband! Perfect. Now the skirt sits right on my waistline, and it will stay there, whether I gain or lose weight (not normally a concern for me).

Anyways, you can kind of tell in my photos that it has an elastic waistband, and I wanted to let you know that it isn’t supposed to! The pattern is not meant to have elastic, for any of you who dislike that look.



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